Quilting programs and apps

I want to make a sampler quilt and I have a bundle of fat eighths from Bonnie & Camille’s Vintage Modern fabric collection and another bundle from the Etchings collection by 3 Sisters.

Vintage Modern Fat Eigths


moda etchings fat eighth


However my dilemma is will either of these bundles be enough to make a whole quilt, and if so, what colours should I use in which blocks.

A way to visualise the quilt beforehand would be helpful in this scenario, so I’ve been looking at what computer programs and apps there are which would do this for me.

Electric Quilt is one of the most popular programs by all accounts. It’s not particularly cheap and only available on PC at the moment (I use a Mac) however a Mac version is coming this year. (The reckon end of January on their blog, but no sign of it yet) It looks like it can do pretty everything though, so might be worth the investment, especially if I want to design my own quilt patterns for resale. I can’t see that they do a trial version which is a shame, because I’d love to try it out before paying such a large amount of money.

QuiltPro is another popular program and they do have a Mac version already. No trial version, but you can get a refund during the first 30 days if you don’t like it.

I’ve just read about an iPad app called Quiltography. It’s a fraction of the price of these other programs and seems pretty comprehensive for an app! Don’t think it would help me calculate if I have enough fabric in the bundles to make a quilt though, and I have an original iPad and I find that many apps these days won’t run on it, so I’d have to invest in a new iPad if I want to run this app!!

Does anyone have any software recommendations? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

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