A successful day all round!

Last night I sat down to carry on with F’s socks whilst he watched the rugby. I tell you, I nearly binned those socks. I was at the point of turning the heel and there is something about short row shaping that I struggle with. I don’t know what it is, but it is probably my biggest challenge with knitting. It made me quite grumpy!

It took a couple of attempts, but I did manage to do turn that heel and knit a few more rounds in the end. I tried it on F’s foot and it does seem to fit well, so I am relieved. Now I have to work out a cable pattern to do on the sides.

Today, after a successful shopping trip, I spent the afternoon at my parents, and whilst F watched more rugby with my Dad, I did some sewing. Mum taught me how to do foundation piecing and I did a log cabin block.

Log Cabin Block made with foundation piecing

Mum’s only recently tried this technique herself but has been raving how neat and accurate her blocks were with it and she loves it.  I wasn’t sure about it at first. It took me  a bit of time to get my head around what I had to do, but I think I got it in the end and I was really surprised at how quick it is to put a block together. I will definitely give it another go.

The back of the block, where you sew on the lines in order.


Once I’d done that blog, I started to make a cushion using a Sunnyside Mini Charm Pack. I’m so ready for Spring and Summer to arrive, that I wanted to make something fresh and summery, and this charm pack really fits the bill.

The front of the cushion is made and if I get time tomorrow, I will get grab some fabric from the shop for the back and then make a piped edge. We’ve got friends coming for lunch though, so I’m not sure if I’ll manage to do it or now.

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