Sea Turtle Wall Hanging

I miss blogging. I miss having the time to write about my love for craft. I miss having the time to actually do any craft, let alone write about it.

That’s the problem with having my own knitting and sewing shop. One the one hand, it’s great that I am surrounded by the materials I love to use and it gives me lots of inspiration, but there’s all the extra stuff that comes with running your own business, which means I don’t actually get much time to knit or sew and use the lovely things I sell.

I have to say that the knitting has really gone on the back burner. Last night I finished a pair of socks which I started back in January. I’ve just not been feeling the love for them.

I am much more in the mood to sew and I recently made this sea turtle wall hanging to give to my husband for our first wedding anniversary at the end of May.

sea turtle wall hanging

When I saw this as a kit by Toni Whitney, I knew that I had to get it as it instantly reminded me of our honeymoon. Unfortunately the kit, which came from the USA, sat in customs for 3 weeks, which meant I didn’t start it until 10 days before our anniversary. Of course, I had to try and make it without my husband seeing, so I couldn’t do it at home. I had to either go around to my Mum’s house or make it during quiet times at work. That wasn’t easy and he did cotton on to the fact I was up to something towards the end!

All the pieces were cut out and stuck on with bondaweb and then I’ve done some free motion quilting over the top to hold them in place. It was the first time I’d had a serious attempt at free motion quilting and it was a bit of a challenge. I used both my Mum’s Bernina and the Elna 760 sewing machine which we sell in the shop and I have to say that I found the Elna easier to handle for some reason. The stitch regulator on Mum’s Bernina was actually quite jerky and I didn’t like it. I suppose I might get used to it with A LOT of practice, but overall the Elna was much better.

I got it all finished except for the binding and a little bit of quilting, so I just had to wrap it up, as it was to give to my husband on our romantic surprise night away which he’d organised. (We had a wonderful time staying at Tidwell Farm, in South Devon and would highly recommend it!) He loved it, regardless of its unfinished state.

I’ve also got a second quilt on the go (no where near finished the first one I have to admit). This one is pieced from a Fig Tree’s Mirabelle fabric layer cake and it’s certainly progressing faster than the Raining Cats and Dogs Quilt!

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