FO: Drift in Sublime Natural Aran

I’ve finally finished the jumper called Drift that I’ve been knitting in Sublime’s Natural Aran yarn.  The shade I chose was a new one for this Autumn called Minky – a lovely dusty pink colour.

The pattern is in the The Second Sublime Natural Aran Hand Knit Book (687) and was fairly straight forward to do as it’s basically just 2×2 rib.  The cabled ribbed detail on the front had to be done by following a large chart, which I find ok as long as I have a ruler up against each row so that I read it correctly.

There were two adjustments I had to make though. The armholes weren’t big enough. When I tried it on it was just too tight, so I had to make them bigger than the pattern suggested. I also changed the neckline. The neck shaping in the pattern is such that it gets higher in the middle so felt like it was almost choking me and it was also a bit tight to get my head through and I don’t have a particularly big head! I don’t like anything tight up against my neck, so I changed the shaping completely so that was higher at the shoulders and made the neck opening larger.I’m much happier with it now and will hopefully get lots of wear out of it this winter, although it is so mild at the moment, I’m not sure it’ll ever be cold enough!

drift jumper

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