Bullet Journalling

I made the big decision last week to close the bricks ‘n’ mortar shop. I’m still operating internet sales, however juggling opening the shop with a new baby just wasn’t working for me or my family. Something had to give.

So now I’m working more from home and having to manage my life a little differently. I used to have a notebook for work stuff, my own personal diary with personal to-do lists, and then in the last few days I started making notes, in another notebook, of baby boy’s feeding and sleeping as I’m starting to try and get him in a routine.

So I’ve decided I’m going to try bullet journalling.  Bullet Journalling is a way of getting your life organised with a notebook of lists. You can read about the original idea here. I came across it some time ago but never tried it.  I will try and get everything into one notebook this way.

I’ve always loved making lists and using notebooks rather than apps etc. I’ve always loved stationary and I used to love my Filofax that I used many years ago. So today I opened a brand new Leuchtturm1917 book, got out a pencil and made a start.

Pinterest is full of inspiration as to layouts, contents and decoration. I think mine will develop as the weeks go on. I’m quite looking forward to it. Is that sad?!

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