Baby Boy’s Sweater and Jacket

I’ve finished two knits for my Baby Boy this month.

The first is a jacket that I started months ago before he was born.

moss stitch jacket in Sublime Evie yarnIt is knit in Sublime Evie yarn, a cotton/nylon blend which is super soft. It’s been a success as it fits him well and is easy to put on and take off. It was good during the Autumn when he needed a jacket but not necessarily his winter coat.

The second was this v-neck sweater, also knit in Sublime Evie yarn.

Baby sweater knit in Sublime Evie yarn.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t such an immediate success. Somehow I knitted it a bit shorter than the pattern said. This wouldn’t have been long enough anyway, as Baby Boy seems to have quite a long body. So I had to pick up along the cast on edge at the bottom, and knit a few more rounds of garter stitch to lengthen it.

The style and colour really suit him though and he’s worn it several times since I rectified the problem!

Both patterns came from the First Sublime Evie Baby Hand Knit Book (708). The patterns are well written and easy to follow.


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