Striped Baby Blanket

I have finished the baby blanket! I used Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino DK yarn and the pattern is from Sublime Little Hand Knit Book 600.  It was a nice easy mindless project to knit, especially with my baby brain at the moment!

It varies slightly from the pattern, in that I’ve used 6 colours, not 4 and I’ve done mitred corners on the border.

Doing mitred corners was easy. I picked up stitches along the edge of the blanket and then increased into the first stitch on every subsequent row.  I then mattress stitched the corners together.



Baby’s First Cardigan

I’ve finally finished knitting our baby his first cardigan.  I started it before we had the 20 week scan so we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl.  I knitted it all apart from the button band and then had to wait till mid-February to know which side to put the buttons and buttonholes on.

Trouble is, I lost momentum then and started knitting something else.

However I picked it up again recently to finish it off and thought to myself that it was look quite large, for the 0-6 months size.  When I measured I found that it was a bit too big in places, so I had to undo and shorten both front pieces and the sleeves. (The length of the back was fine!). Don’t know how I measured them before but they were longer than they should have been.

Finally sewed it together and put on the buttons this week and I’m pleased with the outcome.


The pattern is a Sirdar one: #4423 Cardigans in Sirdar Snuggly Baby Cotton DK and that’s the yarn I used too. Sadly it has now been discontinued, but any DK yarn could be used instead.

My 10th Blog Anniversary

10th-birthday-balloons-11-inch-latex-ball1359_th2Wow! It dawned on me today that yesterday was my blog anniversary but I hadn’t twigged until just now that it is the 10th anniversary of starting this blog, and therefore 10 years ago when I started knitting in earnest as a keen newbie. I almost wasn’t going to write a blog post as my crafting mojo has been very up and down this past year or two. I still love knitting and sewing but what with renovating a house for 18 months and finally moving into it in the summer and running your own business, I just get in from work and don’t have the energy to do anything.

The past three months though, I’ve had a good excuse for feeling extra tired… we’re expecting a baby in July! In fact today, on my last day of the Christmas holiday break, I went shopping in Exeter to try and buy some maternity trousers. All my jeans and trousers are getting a bit tight now.There is a distinct lack of maternity wear around in the shops. What are women meant to do? I did get a pair of maternity jeans in JojoMamanBebe. They are way too long though and the waist is a bit high, but they’ll do and I can take up the length. I get the feeling they are catering for taller women.

I’m not going to bother to do a list of what I achieved last year and my aims for this year. With a baby on the way, who knows what I’ll have time to do.

I have however started some baby knitting – a plain white cotton cardigan. We won’t know if we’re having a boy or girl for another 6 weeks but I was dying to knit something, so plain white it had to be.

FO: Herbert’s Tank Top

At the weekend, I finished the tank top for my friend’s baby which due next month. They’ve nicknamed “the bump” Herbert for now, hence my calling it Herbert’s Tank Top.

I really enjoyed knitting this. There was some interest with the irish moss stitch top half and it came together really quickly. Had a it of a dense moment with doing the ribbing around the neck. Had to redo it 3 times because I was just making silly mistakes, but sometimes it just goes like that, doesn’t it?


The pattern is Rico Knitting Idea 150 and the yarn I used was Rico Baby Classic DK in case you’re interested.

Baby Knitting

One of my best friends is due to give birth to her first child in March, so last night at Knit ‘n’ Stitch (the new name for Knit ‘n Natter because we don’t just do knitting these days but sewing too) I decided to knit the baby a little tank top. We know that she’s going to have a little boy, which is very helpful.

I decided on a Rico Design knitting pattern – number 150, which has instructions for both a v-neck jumper and tank top. The bottom half is stocking stitch, but the top half is irish moss stitch which provides a bit more interest for both me as the knitter and for the wearer too!

Sadly it’s a discontinued pattern and we don’t have many copies left in the shop. They’ve discontinued lots of lovely baby patterns unfortunately. Don’t know why because they were selling well for us!

Although written using Rico’s Baby So Soft yarn, I picked Rico’s Baby Classic DK yarn instead as I had it mind that I wanted a beige colour, and they don’t do that in the Baby So Soft range.

I was pleased with the progress I made last night. Normally I don’t get much done at Knit ‘n’ Stitch as I’m busy serving customer and helping people. I have the feeling that this is going to be a quick knit which will give me a bit of a boost to my knitting mojo. My last project, the poncho,  was easy but took ages!!

Still haven’t blocked my poncho which I finished before Christmas. I will try to do it tonight because I want to start wearing it!


FO: Little Humphrey Sweater

I finished sewing on the buttons at lunchtime and at dinnertime was with my friends handing them this sweater for their 4 month old little boy.  Talk about cutting it fine!  But I got it done and they really liked it, particularly the way you can unbutton it on one shoulder to make it easier to slip over baby’s head.  The v-neck looks very smart too.

Little Humphrey Sweater by Sublime
Little Humphrey Sweater by Sublime

The pattern is the Little Humphrey Sweater from The Second Little Sublime Baby Cotton Kapok DK Book (628) and is made with Sublime Cotton Kapok DK in Porridge.

The yarn was nice to knit with, although slightly splity.  It feels nice when knitted up though and blocked well.  The pattern was very straight forward to follow and I didn’t come across any mistakes.

Highly recommend if you want to do a baby knit!

Baby hoodie is finished

Yay! I finished the hooded cardigan for the little tinker this weekend. I was really pleased with how it turned out. It’s probably my best knit yet. My friend was delighted with it too and the intended recipient tried it on, but it is a bit big for her just yet. (She did look a real cutie in it though, especially with the hood up!). But I intended it to be something she’d grow into in the Autumn anyway, so that doesn’t matter.

baby hooded cardigan

I’ve caught up on all the blanket squares I had to do (will post them later this week) and I’ve started properly on the Evie cotton top.

I can make button holes!

I’ve had quite a lot of time to work on the baby hooded cardigan this week and it’s coming along quite nicely. I did have one hiccup, in that I realised I’d misread the sleeve length and they were too long. So I unravelled and shorted one, and will do the other this week.

I sewed the shoulder seams of the two front pieces to the back in mattress stitch (I still can’t get over how nice seams can look with it!) and have started to knit the hood itself.

Cardi without its hood

My greatest achievement this week was making button holes for it though. I’ve never done them before and the instructions just said to rib 12, cast off 2 etc, then on the return row to rib 13 and cast on 2. As I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, I turned to my faithful Knitters Bible and read up on button holes. They said that when you get to the point you have to cast on, to turn the work, cast on with the cable cast on method, and before you put the last loop back on the left hand needle, to bring the yarn forward, and this stops gaps.

And it seems to have worked. I have quite neat button holes which aren’t too tight. Yay me!

Button hole

Baby Hoodie

Still waiting for yarn and circular needles so I started knitting a hooded cardigan for my friend’s little girl. She’s 7 months old and the cutest little cheeky monkey! The pattern is either for 6-12 months or 1-2 years but I decided to go for the larger size so that she has something to grow into. Everytime I see her, she seems to have grown so much.

This is the left front and I did it quite quickly – just a few rows needed to finish it off. I really like the pale lilac colour of this yarn.

baby Hoodie left front

I was pleasantly surprised that the lacey border was successful as it was the first time I’d done a pattern like this.

lacey edge

Baby hat for Emily

This is a picture of the hat I knitted for my friend’s baby Emily. The photo shows it being modelled by my doll – not Emily!

Baby Hat for Emily

It was knitted with Sirdar Snowflake Magic yarn. The pattern has a matching jacket too… so cute!

I didn’t find snowflake the easiest yarn to work with and as I was shaping the crown I had to knit 3 together and it was very tight!