Triple Choc Beanie

triple choc beanieThis is my first pattern to be made available for download from my site.   After trying various beanie patterns, I used the experience I gained from them to write what I think is a simple, classic, nicely shaped beanie that will suit just about anyone.

Triple Choc Beanie (PDF)

Lavender in Winter Beanie

lavender in winter beanie A variation on the Triple Choc Beanie.  Lavender in Winter Beanie (PDF)

Donation for charity

These patterns are free of charge, however if you find them useful, then perhaps you would consider making a financial donation to a charity called Medic Malawi via this JustGiving link.  Medic Malawi was set up to support healthcare in Mtunthama, Malawi.  I visited Mtunthama back in 2004 and 2008 and there are great things happening there.

5 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. Hi Vic, i saved your site to my favourites a while ago because of the Starsky Cardigan. Do you still have details, are you making any to order or do you still have the pattern?

    Many Thanks Dave

  2. Hi, saw your website, my mom has been asked by her sister to make the Starsky Cardigan for an RCMP officer, do you have the pattern yet. She would be knitting it with COMO wool from Debbie Bliss

    Thank you from BC Canada

  3. Hiya, my fella has always wanted a skarsky and hutch cardi, wondered if you have the pattern, or better still knit them to order, would love to surpise him for his birthday, thanks, nicky

  4. hi, i’m the same as Nicky above. my hubby would love a Starsky Cardi. i would love the pattern only as i love my knitting and i feel it is all the more special when you make it for someone yourself. cheers, Tina

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