FO: Captain Jack Rabbit

I finally finished Cap’n Jack!

pirate bunnies

Isn’t he cute?  I am so pleased with him.  He was very straight forward to make.  Just a quite a few pieces and I had to get the correct size eyes from America in the end because I couldn’t get any here in the UK.

If you want a copy of the pattern called Pirate Bunnies, you can buy one here

My first knitted bunny rabbit

I suddenly remembered one day last week the little knitted bunnies that my Mum used to make us when we were little. “They’re very easy to make” said my Mum, so she found the pattern for me (taken from a magazine which must be nearly 30 years old!) and I thought I’d have a go.

Here’s bunny… Any ideas for a name for him?

Knitted Bunny Rabbit

He’s not sewn together terribly neatly and I’d worry about giving him to a small child in case they could pull his ears off or something, but I’m still pleased with him.

The pattern includes a design for a Mummy bunny too, so I could make a whole family!