New books

My Mum and my fiance gave me some crafty books for my birthday back in January which I thought I’d share with you.

Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch technique

When I made the Rico Liesl scarf I used brioche stitch, which I’d never done before. I fancied exploring this technique further when I saw some of the patterns in this book and so I put it on my Amazon wishlist.

Celtic Quilts: A New Look for Ancient Designs

This has some very comprehensive instructions and guidance on how to make bias tape and then applique it into pretty celtic knot patterns. There is plenty of inspiration too and I’m looking forward to having a go and I’ve ordered some bias bars to make the tape with. I think I will try a cushion cover first.

The Complete Photo Guide to Felting

My fiance was told that felting is going to be the next craft craze and so he bought me this book so that I could get ahead of the game! My best friend was given a felting kit for Christmas so we’re going to have a session of felting together sometime soon.


New Kim Hargreaves book – Breeze

Kim Hargreaves has got a new book out which should be on sale in the next few days.  It’s called Breeze and has some lovely Spring and Summer knitting patterns.  I’ve not knitted any of Kim’s patterns before, but I’ve put several in my queue (which is growing ever longer since I started my yarn shop and have access to a huge selection of pattern books!).

I think that Kim’s style is appealing because it’s not too fussy, not too way out, but are unlike any ready-made knits you’d get in the shops. There’s a slight retro feel to some of the designs, but they’re not old-fashioned.  All the designs in Breeze are made with one or other of Rowan’s cotton yarns.

The patterns I like are:

I’ll have copies of Breeze by Kim Hargreaves in my shop at the beginning of April.

Birthday gifts

Last week was my birthday.  I turned 32, although I’ve been telling myself that since hitting 30 I can actually go backwards in age and so this year I am 28!  Having said that, an article in today’s Daily Mail says that women feel at their most beautiful at age 32.  Not sure if that’s true for me – I found a very long grey hair yesterday that I quickly pulled out 😀

Anyway, the most exciting present I had was a Nintendo Wii.  Much fun has been had over the past few days with family and friends.  I did get some knitting related gifts though too, which I wanted to share:

A crafter’s version of Monopoly, called Stitchopoly.  Yet to play it, but it looks like a nice alternative to the traditional game.


Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard which contains quite a few patterns that I’d like to try.  I already have yarn in my stash that I know would be ideal for two of the jumpers.


Things I learned from knitting and Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  Stephanie is well known in online knitting communities as has been writing a knitting blog for many years now.  She’s penned several knitting books and I’d had these two on my wishlist for a little while.