A new knitting magazine

The Guardian has an article about a new magazine called The Knitter, due to be launched on Jan 7th.  It’s a sister magazine to Simply Knitting and will be aimed at more advanced knitters.  However it comes with a hefty price tag of £5.99!



Getting copies of the Art of Knitting outside the UK

I’ve been asked a few times where people can get hold of copies of the Art of Knitting magazine if they don’t live in the UK.

In Australia back copies of the magazine are available from

Back Issues Dept
Bissett Magazine Services
PO Box 3460
Nunawading Vic 3131
03 9872 4000

What’s the big deal?

Perhaps this is a bit controversial, but what is it about Interweave Knits magazine that knitters love so much?

I see knitters excitedly writing on their blogs that the next issue is about to come out and how there are some fabulous must-have patterns. But every season I go and take a look at what’s in the issue and think… why do people love these patterns? Most of them seem to be quite frumpy or old fashioned looking, and there’s rarely anything I would want to wear or know other friends/family would wear. There’s one pattern in the Winter 07 issue that isn’t all that bad, and would consider as a future project, but it would be way down on my queue of things to cast on.

I guess it’s good that we all have different tastes, otherwise we’d all end up knitting and wearing the same clothes. But it does surprise me the popularity of this magazine.

I’m a published writer..!

A couple of months ago, in an issue of Simply Knitting magazine, they published a reader’s letter from an older knitter who was complaining about the modern patterns featured in the magazine. Included was a photo of her favourite 20 year old fair isle jumper which she still liked to wear and which she thought was a good example of the sorts of patterns that should be featured in the mag.

I was up in arms when I read it. I couldn’t think of anyone under the age of 60 would want to wear such a jumper these days! It was so old fashioned. Younger generations of knitters want to knit fashionable clothes that they want to wear. Magazines need to include modern patterns if young people are going to take up the hobby. So I immediately wrote to the magazine with my reply to this letter… and part of it was published this month (July 2007, Issue 30)! They even included a picture of my cardi that I sent with my letter.

My letter in Simply Knitting magazine

Not much actually happening with my knitting at the moment. I’m way behind on the blanket squares and still not finished Evie or the Blue elephant. My evenings have been taken up with meeting friends, band practices and gigs, and I’ve been doing a bit more work on my family tree, which I haven’t done for weeks. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that I would like to.

The Art of Knitting

Does anyone else read or subscribe to The Art of Knitting weekly magazine? If so, it would be great to hear from you and how you’re finding the mag. How’s your blanket coming along and what other patterns have you tried from the mag?

The Art of Knitting magazine

Yarn sale

I think I’m becoming one of those knitters that just can’t resist buying yarn. Derry’s department store in Plymouth, which has the largest selection of yarn, was having 20% off today.

The Art of Knitting magazine this week has a pattern for a baker boy hat, which has a simple cable pattern (yet another new technique for me to learn!) and as I love wearing hats I really want to give this a go. So I went into Derry’s to buy a cable needle with a kink in it, and some Sirdar Click yarn to make it.

Sirdar Click Rustique

But I also spotted a lovely jumper that someone had made up and which was on display. The very friendly sales assistant saw me looking at it and helpfully located the pattern for me and pointed out the yarn that it was made with. And I succumbed… Yet another project to do. I must finish off my first cardigan though before I start this jumper.

Moonglow Crystal
This is the yarn for the jumper – Patons Moonglow in Crystal. Not sure if you can tell by the photo but it’s a sort of green/grey colour and has sparkly bits in it.

I also went into WHSmiths and bought a couple of knitting magazines: Knit Today (which was giving away some pins, needles and case to keep them in – I’m always a sucker for free gifts), and Simply Knitting.

Knit Today has the cutest patterns for farm yard animals. Definitely want to try the cows and sheep.