Teddy is finished and I’m so pleased with him 🙂

He’s knit with Sirdar Touch yarn, which is unbelievably soft. He mades Ted so cuddly. He’s quite a big ted actually, especially as I only did the small size too!

The pattern is a Sirdar pattern, which you can buy as a downloadable PDF if you want to make your own.


I’m now making him a tank top from a ball of the new Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Tonals yarn, an ideal way to see how this new yarn knits up I reckon.

Rugby Bear

Rugby Bear is finally done.

Rugby Teddy Bear

I’m pleased with how he’s turned out, but it was a bit of an effort to get there.

The pattern was fine. You had to pay attention to the instructions (due to the way they were written rather than them being incorrect) otherwise you would could lose track of what sentence you were on. A few more indicators of how many stitches you should have on the needle at various points would have helped.

Sewing him up was NOT fun. There are so many little pieces with toys and it just takes ages. Seaming all the limbs, head and body was fine, but I had big problems assembling him. He just looked like a zombie with his arms stuck out and legs too wobbly. I got so fed up with it, that Mum did it for me. I think part of the problem was down to the fact that I had the gathered up end of the body at the bottom not the top. Mum made him look much more teddy bear shape like.

But he does look cute. He’s going to join his brother (which my Mum made a couple of weeks ago) down in Cornwall where he will live with my little cousin and his soon-to-be step brother.

I’m reluctant to see him go though.  I might have to make another one… for me!

Needles of the knitting and sewing variety

The teddy bear continues… All the body parts have now been knitted and he had a body, legs and arms, but the head pieces are still being sewn together.  I had hoped to have him sewn up completely by the end of the weekend, but other events took up my time… namely some sewing!

Yes, I sat in front of a sewing machine, took deep breaths and helped my Mum to make a cover for my new headboard on my new bed.  Even though I saw a swatch of the colour, when the headboard actually arrived, it was much too yellow for the colour scheme in my room, so Mum suggested making a cover from some spare material she had.

I really have to learn how to sew, so I asked Mum if I could “assist”.  We had to make it up as we went along, due to the fact that the headboard isn’t just a rectangular block and it was a bit tricky in places. I didn’t do an awful lot to help Mum, except sew where she told me too.  But I’m still determined to learn to sew.   I definitely don’t have the brain of a someone who sews, but maybe it will come in time.  It did with knitting.

We got my old sewing machine down from the loft, which hasn’t seen the light of day for about 20 years and it still works.  I might just get it serviced anyway and then I’m going to endeavour to make some bags. I figured they are just rectangles of various sizes – can’t be too difficult a project to start with, can it?
Mum reckons that quilting/patchwork would be good for me to practice too, but you have to be so precise with measurements and cutting and seaming etc, I’m not sure that I’m up to that yet.

If you go wrong with knitting, you can just unravel it all and start again.  But if you cut material incorrectly, you’ve had it.

It scares me.