A new recipe and the search for a planner

I haven’t tried a new recipe for a while and the past couple of weeks I’ve just been taking the easy option at dinner time.

So last night I thought I would try another new recipe from the Mary Berry cookbook I had at Christmas. This time it was spicy schnitzels – pork escalopes in spicy/smokey breadcrumbs, with some new potatoes and salad.

It didn’t go completely smoothly. The recipe said to put the bread in the oven for 20 minutes, then put in a food processor together with the spices to turn into breadcrumbs. However the bread turned to dust, not breadcrumbs! So instead I blitzed some bread into crumbs, then toasted them in the oven for a while, then mixed with the spices before coating the pork.

It tasted good though in the end, and I liked the lemon and parsley mayonnaise to go with it.


 I’ve also been looking into planners. I used to love having a Filofax when I was a student but after Uni, the need for one lessened and I stopped using them.

However my brain feels very full at the moment, trying to remember everything I have to do during the week. Not so much managing appointments and events, but tasks and goals that I need to achieve. Having a planner seems to be a real craze at the moment, judging by the pins on Pinterest and photos on Instagram.  I’m not quite sure what style will work out best for me, so I’m going to take a daily diary that I was given at Christmas and try out a few ideas. I need a to do list, meal plans, shopping lists and maybe even prayer points and things to remember. I’ll give it a go anyway and see what happens…


Cooking Success

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I got some cook books for Christmas and I was going to try and cook a new recipe every week. Well, it hasn’t been every week, but I have tried three from Mary Berry Cooks The Perfect so far.

First I tried the Lemon Chicken Risotto which was alright and I’d do it again sometime.

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The Lemon and Limoncello Posset was next and this was amazing!! So smooth and very lemony. It was so easy too. I’d happily serve this at a dinner part and think it would really impress, especially if accompanied by homemade shortbread biscuits. It was meant to have limoncello in it which we didn’t have so I just put some extra lemon juice instead.

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And then tonight I made the Greek Lamb Pilaf with some leftover roast lamb. Didn’t have the Orzo pasta so just did some rice with it instead. Wasn’t sure about this one at first, but I would make it again… maybe without the feta cheese crumbled on top though.

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It’s an excellent book. So many recipes that I want to try in it. Highly recommended!