Meet Simon the Sheep

This is Simon the Sheep… a little crocheted friend for my little boy. I had originally intended to crochet a black sheep, as Baa Baa Black Sheep is his favourite nursery rhyme, however I’m only a novice crocheter and using black wool was just too difficult to see the stitches!


The pattern is from a book called Edward’s Menagerie. It’s one that I’ve been meaning to have a go at for AGES but my lack of crochet skills has made me hesitate I suppose. I’ve never been a massive fan of crochet, but I loved making Simon and I’m definitely going to make other animals from the book. My husband requested one some time ago, so I should aim to do another this year.


Teddy is finished and I’m so pleased with him 🙂

He’s knit with Sirdar Touch yarn, which is unbelievably soft. He mades Ted so cuddly. He’s quite a big ted actually, especially as I only did the small size too!

The pattern is a Sirdar pattern, which you can buy as a downloadable PDF if you want to make your own.


I’m now making him a tank top from a ball of the new Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Tonals yarn, an ideal way to see how this new yarn knits up I reckon.

Moo Moo

The Christmas knitting still isn’t quite finished, but I thought I would just share a picture of a softie that I made for my friend this week. It was her birthday yesterday and this is my present to her.


The pattern is a new Melly and Me pattern called Moo Moo that we are selling in the shop.


FO: Sheldon

He is the fiddliest toy I’ve ever knitted but worth it, because he’s so cute!

The pattern is designed by CID Hanscom Designs and I bought it in California a couple of years ago. The yarn is Frog Tree Alpaca that I bought at the same time.  Got loads of the yarn left, as Sheldon is quite tiny, so might weave something with the rest of it.

FO: Captain Jack Rabbit

I finally finished Cap’n Jack!

pirate bunnies

Isn’t he cute?  I am so pleased with him.  He was very straight forward to make.  Just a quite a few pieces and I had to get the correct size eyes from America in the end because I couldn’t get any here in the UK.

If you want a copy of the pattern called Pirate Bunnies, you can buy one here

Cluck Cluck

Meet Clucky…

She’s a Melly and Me pattern which I made last weekend and am rather pleased with myself.  Sewing projects are always a bit daunting for me.  Her tail keeps flopping because I should have used some stiffer iron-on stuff but I don’t care.  It just adds to her uniqueness.  I need to make a couple of babies which will sit in her wing pockets.  Perhaps I’ll do those tomorrow.  Because tomorrow is a bank holiday!!!  Yay!!!

Meet Sally and Rosie

This is Sally Scarecrow and Rosie Ragdoll and they are Christmas presents for my “surrogate” nieces.  Mum made Sally (on the left) and I made Rosie. I finished her last night. She took me a few weekends but I got there without any hiccups and I was quite pleased with myself.  I am starting to feel a little more confident about sewing now… Just a little…

Sally Scarecrow and Rosie Ragdoll

Meet Phoebe the elephant

Well I’ve been crafting away and not only am I knitting, I’ve been sewing again too!

Meet Phoebe…

Phoebe by Melly and Me
Phoebe by Melly and Me

Phoebe is a Melly and Me pattern and I made her using some fabric in Mum’s stash.

She was pretty easy to do – must be if I managed to make her!

The sparkly bolero that I’m knitting is nearly done.  I’m just doing the cable trim, which is taking ages!

I also went to a craft evening at church last Friday and armed with a bundle of knitting needles and balls of yarn from the charity shop, I tried to teach people to knit.  I think people enjoyed themselves and I have at least one convert.  There are quite a few girls who knit at church now so a few of us might start meeting up to knit and crochet.  Should be fun!

Quicky Koala

I’ve not been doing much knitting lately.  I’ve just not been enthusiastic about the jumper I’m knitting I suppose and don’t have much incentive to pick up the needles.

Anyway, here’s Bonzer…

Bonzer by Melly and Me
Bonzer by Melly and Me

He’s a character designed by Melly and Me.  I sell Melly and Me patterns on my website and Mum made him up as sample for the craft stall that we were at recently.

Rudy the reindeer

I know it’s only September, but Christmas will be here before we know it!  Scary thought eh?

Well we’ve just started stocking Melly & Me sewing patterns in the shop now and my Mum immediately grabbed one of the patterns, Rudy, and made this little fellow with some Christmas fabric in her stash.

Rudy from Melly & Me
Rudy from Melly & Me

Is he cute? It only took Mum an afternoon to make him and she said it was very straight forward to follow the pattern.