Quilt Show

Last Saturday Mum and I made the annual trip to the Quilt Show at Westpoint in Exeter. I love this show. It’s a nice size and there’s usually an excellent quilt exhibition alongside some nice stalls. It’s also a really nice morning out with Mum.

Even though I own a fabric shop, I still managed to find some fabric and a bag kit to buy!

fabric purchases

Sunday was a wet and miserable day, so a perfect day for staying in and doing some sewing. Unfortunately it was one of those days when nothing went right and I don’t really have anything to show for it, apart from a drawstring project bag to put the socks I’m currently knitting in. I am trying to make a cover for a recipe folder and ended up unpicking the pieces so many times as I tried to make it fit, that I am just going to start again!

My Sunnyside Cushion

I finished my patchwork cushion this week! I love it. It feels so fresh and summery to me.

sunnyside patchwork cushion

It’s made with squares from a Moda mini charm packthe Sunnyside collection – plus some 2.5″ squares of plain white.

sunny side cushion back

The backing fabric and piping fabric is also from the Sunnyside collection.

This is the first time that I’ve ever done piping on something. I found it a little tricky to do, especially around the corners so it’s not perfect, but I do think that cushions look so nice with piping.

Now I must get back to the socks for my husband.

A successful day all round!

Last night I sat down to carry on with F’s socks whilst he watched the rugby. I tell you, I nearly binned those socks. I was at the point of turning the heel and there is something about short row shaping that I struggle with. I don’t know what it is, but it is probably my biggest challenge with knitting. It made me quite grumpy!

It took a couple of attempts, but I did manage to do turn that heel and knit a few more rounds in the end. I tried it on F’s foot and it does seem to fit well, so I am relieved. Now I have to work out a cable pattern to do on the sides.

Today, after a successful shopping trip, I spent the afternoon at my parents, and whilst F watched more rugby with my Dad, I did some sewing. Mum taught me how to do foundation piecing and I did a log cabin block.


Log Cabin Block made with foundation piecing

Mum’s only recently tried this technique herself but has been raving how neat and accurate her blocks were with it and she loves it.  I wasn’t sure about it at first. It took me  a bit of time to get my head around what I had to do, but I think I got it in the end and I was really surprised at how quick it is to put a block together. I will definitely give it another go.


The back of the block, where you sew on the lines in order.


Once I’d done that blog, I started to make a cushion using a Sunnyside Mini Charm Pack. I’m so ready for Spring and Summer to arrive, that I wanted to make something fresh and summery, and this charm pack really fits the bill.

The front of the cushion is made and if I get time tomorrow, I will get grab some fabric from the shop for the back and then make a piped edge. We’ve got friends coming for lunch though, so I’m not sure if I’ll manage to do it or now.

Winter’s Lane Table Runner

Winter’s Lane is my favourite fabric collection in the shop at the moment, however we don’t have much left. So I thought I’d make something quickly with it, before it all goes. I decided on a table runner after seeing a similar one on Pinterest.

To cut the wedge shapes, I used a 10 degree wedge ruler.

table runner progress

I finally finished it last night, sewing the binding on by hand last night, in front of the TV. I’m really pleased with it. The photo below doesn’t show the colour off to its best, but it goes really well in the room.

Moda winters lane table runner


Quilting programs and apps

I want to make a sampler quilt and I have a bundle of fat eighths from Bonnie & Camille’s Vintage Modern fabric collection and another bundle from the Etchings collection by 3 Sisters.

Vintage Modern Fat Eigths


moda etchings fat eighth


However my dilemma is will either of these bundles be enough to make a whole quilt, and if so, what colours should I use in which blocks.

A way to visualise the quilt beforehand would be helpful in this scenario, so I’ve been looking at what computer programs and apps there are which would do this for me.

Electric Quilt is one of the most popular programs by all accounts. It’s not particularly cheap and only available on PC at the moment (I use a Mac) however a Mac version is coming this year. (The reckon end of January on their blog, but no sign of it yet) It looks like it can do pretty everything though, so might be worth the investment, especially if I want to design my own quilt patterns for resale. I can’t see that they do a trial version which is a shame, because I’d love to try it out before paying such a large amount of money.

QuiltPro is another popular program and they do have a Mac version already. No trial version, but you can get a refund during the first 30 days if you don’t like it.

I’ve just read about an iPad app called Quiltography. It’s a fraction of the price of these other programs and seems pretty comprehensive for an app! Don’t think it would help me calculate if I have enough fabric in the bundles to make a quilt though, and I have an original iPad and I find that many apps these days won’t run on it, so I’d have to invest in a new iPad if I want to run this app!!

Does anyone have any software recommendations? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

2014 is here

We’re nearly at the end of January and I’ve not yet blogged in 2014. I missed posting on my blog anniversary on 2nd Jan as we were with the in-laws over New Year. This blog is now 7 years old!

Christmas was good. I knitted three Christmas presents this year. A neck wrap for my Mum from possum yarn, a pompom scarf for my mother-in-law and a huge moebius for my sister-in-law. All were well received!

I usually like to do a bit of a review and make some goals for the coming year. It doesn’t feel like I achieved much in 2013, craft-wise. I think getting married ate into my craft time! There’s hardly any finished projects for 2013 in my Ravelry page and I still have finished the cats and dogs quilt.

However I’m hoping that this year will see the quilt finished, and another one started. I would really like to do a sampler quilt. We’ve just started a series of patchwork classes in the shop and I’m feeling inspired. I’m half way through sewing a table runner at the moment and I’ve loved making it. I’ve been hooked on Pinterest the past few evening looking a various quilts and sewing projects that people have done. It’s so inspiring.

I’ve also got a pair of toe-up socks on the go for my husband. He’s “challenged” me to add certain features to the socks too… he’s a nightmare for doing that!


Not sure what else I’d like to knit in the coming months. I’m rather enjoying the sewing right now and with that in mind, I’ve changed the title of the blog from Vic’s Knits to Vicky the Stitch – a mafia style nickname I was given a couple of years ago by a friend, and an all-encompassing title for all the crafts I like.